Guild Beginnings
the beginning of February 2003, Daniel Mactaggart also known as Avalyn Silversword founded the Silversword Guild, a Guild dedicated to Honour, Justice and the ideals of Good.

The Silversword Guild is currently expanding and forming Chapters in various games. Those interested in joining, send me an email, my email is listed on the site.
We are currently in the process of recruiting, and are hoping to bring more people into any of our chapters, NWN, CSS and BF2, if interested, just send me an email or drop into our quakenet irc channel #Silverswords
Rules and Guidelines
On NWN, We are a roleplay guild, try to stay in character on the servers.
Never kill another member on the servers
Always seek to aid other members whilst online
Do not reveal any guild secrets or plans to any non-members.
Just use common sense for the rest and you will be fine.