About Members Guild Untold Tales of Tolkien II
Guild Ranking System
he Guild Ranking system is due to be reinitiated, in order to give the members something to aim for, rather than just being part of it. There are five levels of Ranks, beginning with the Level 1 Noviate, this is the beginning rank for any member. Once a member has fulfilled their duties and passed any test given them, they will be assigned one of three positions from level 2, Silversword, the basic fighter. Spellweaver, the basic spellcaster. Or Shade, the basic stealth warrior. Again, after the period of training, performing duties and meeting any requirements given, you will be given a new title, dependant on your previous title and skills. At level 3 Silverswords would become Blackblades, Spellweavers become Spellswords, and Shades become Shadowswords. After a member has attained on of these ranks. He or she must prove themself to be a unique and outstanding member in a particular field to be given a unique title, all unique titles are level 4. The last level, level 5, is composed of the Guildmaster, myself, and the members of the Council. If you require more information, please contact me at:
Guild Colours
Each rank is represented by the colours worn upon their armour or clothes. Here is a basic list of each Guild rank and their colour.
Noviate Silver and White
Silversword Silver and Light Red
Blackblade Silver and Dark Red
Spellweaver Silver and Light Blue
Spellsword Silver and Dark Blue
Shade Silver and Grey
Shadowsword Silver and Black
Unique titles Silver and Bronze
Council Members Pure Silver
Guildmaster Silver and Gold