About Members Guild Untold Tales of Tolkien II
Guild Members
fficially, there are 19 members of the Silverswords Guild. We are always on the lookout for new members, members who will be loyal and active, because we have not had much luck when it comes to those subjects. If you know anyone, or you yourself wish to join, just try to find me in game, on the Untold Tales of Tolkien II server, or go to the #Silverswords IRC channel on Quakenet and speak to me there.
Guild Alliances
The Guild currently has no alliances.
Every faction has enemies, and the Silverswords Guild is no different, here I will post any enemies of the Guild. If you kill them, and obtain proof, via screenshot or other means, you will be rewarded well. Current bounties are:
Igraine: 5,000 gold pieces.
Roman Gregoria: 5,000 gold pieces.